Rumors Are Swirling About The Death Of HBO Max And People Are Freaking Out About Their Favorite Shows

On Wednesday, rumors swirled about the future of HBO Max. Warner Bros. merged with Discovery in April, and CEO David Zaslav is expected to lay out plans for how the two companies will function going forward. The word on the street, as per Deadline, isn’t good. First, there was the unprecedented news that they were shelving two films either already completed or nearing completion: Batgirl and Scoob!: Haunted Holiday. Now there’s talk of mass layoffs, especially with HBO Max’s original content. Nothing is official yet, but people are already worrying about the fate of their favorite shows.

Since its launch in the summer of 2020, HBO Max has distinguished itself as arguably the most diverse streamer. On top of HBO content, there’s plenty of movies, classic films, Looney Tunes, selections from the Criterion Collection, Studio Ghibli, etc., etc. And then there’s their original programming, independent of HBO, including such beloved shows as The Flight Attendant, Hacks, Minx, The Staircase, Station Eleven, and And Just Like That…

Perhaps all these shows will be fine. But people are still freaking out.

Some singled out This Flag Means Death.

And Peacemaker.

Though Peacemaker is allegedly safe, according to creator James Gunn.

Still, what about Hacks?

Or The Sex Lives of College Girls?

Or The Other Two?

People were worried about HBO Max — a very, very good streamer — in general.

Warner Bros. Discovery is reportedly making public their Q2 earnings on Thursday. Word about where the newly merged company is headed may follow soon thereafter. In the meantime, say a little prayer for the streamer that has both the Gossip Girl reboot and the cinema of François Truffaut.

(Via Deadline)