Peacock’s Casey Anthony Docuseries Has People Really Outraged About Her Getting A Spotlight Moment

Social media erupted into outrage after Peacock released the first teaser for its upcoming docuseries, Casey Anthony: Where The Truth Lies. While it’s not uncommon to see documentaries about the tabloid fixture who was accused, yet ultimately acquitted of murdering her daughter in a controversial trial, Peacock took things to a new and awkward level by being the first to give Anthony the opportunity to share her side of the story on camera.

Anthony appears in the short teaser where it’s made clear that she has no creative control over the final project. However, that didn’t stop people from firing off very angry reactions over the fact that Anthony was essentially given a TV deal while it’s still widely believed that she’s responsible for her daughter’s death. Although, again, for the record, she was acquitted in a court of law.

You can see some of the reactions to the Casey Anthony docuseries below:

Here’s the official synopsis for the three-part docuseries:

Considered one of the first “trials of the century” that polarized conversation in living rooms across America, the Casey Anthony case is one that still leaves more questions than answers. There have been several movies and documentaries made to fill in the gaps, and yet, the woman at the center of it all remains the biggest mystery. Throughout the exclusive three-part documentary series, Casey Anthony finally tells her side of the story and addresses the public that has made so many assumptions for the past 13 years.

Casey Anthony: Where The Truth Lies starts streaming November 29 on Peacock.