The Creator Of ‘The Last Of Us’ Attempts To Explain Pedro Pascal’s ‘Daddy’ Appeal

Pedro Pascal proudly holds the title of the internet’s “daddy” (but please don’t ask him to read thirst tweets about himself, that’s weird). The Mandalorian star is still trying to figure out what the term means, exactly, but The Last of Us co-creator Craig Mazin has some ideas about the actor’s daddy appeal (Pascal, Oscar Isaac, and Ethan Hawke should start a band called Daddy Appeal).

“I think everybody either has fond memories of a positive father figure in their life or they have a terrible gaping space in their heart where a positive father figure ought to have been. Nostalgia or longing for let’s call it nontoxic masculinity. And he has that, but he also has this expressive pain behind his eyes,” he told Esquire. Pascal himself has another theory: “Plus, I’m old.”

Sarah Paulson, the “mommy” to Pascal’s “daddy,” also shared her thoughts on the internet’s obsession with her friend. “Knowing Pedro as intimately as I do, I would not want him to be my daddy, personally. I want him to be my pal that I can hang out with until all hours of the night, but Daddy?” she wondered.


Outside of The Mandalorian, Pascal will next appear alongside Hawke in Strange Way of Life, a short film from Pedro Almodóvar, and hopefully, the sequel to The Super Mario Bros. Movie as Wario.

(Via Esquire)