Pedro Pascal Will Narrate A ‘Planet Earth’-Like Nature Documentary For CNN

Pedro Pascal can sell anything with his voice, including a TV show in which he never shows his face. Now, he will be using that iconic voice to educate us about South America’s Patagonia region.

The Mandalorian star, who first came into our lives helmetless as Oberyn Martell on HBO’s Game of Thrones, will narrate a documentary for CNN, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The series, titled Patagonia: Life on the Edge of the World is a six-part nature series that “uses visual storytelling in the style of programming like Planet Earth to explore the Patagonia region of South America, straddling Chile and Argentina.”

“I have great memories of taking trips to Patagonia and exploring some of the beautiful places depicted in the series,” Pascal, who was born in Chile, said in a statement per THR. “I am excited to bring my voice to the project and share this special part of the world with North American audiences.”

The series joins Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy as a part of CNN’s mission to expand its original programming using star talent, although Pascal describing a tree may not be as horny as Tucci eating spaghetti. When Patagonia was announced last year, Amy Entelis, executive VP of talent and content development for CNN Worldwide, told THR that the channel is hoping the new programming will draw in a new audience. “We were looking to spread our wings a bit, we wanted to move into other sorts of subject areas that we have not relied upon in the past at CNN,“ Entelis said. “We could do presidents and history over and over again and it would do well, but we wanted to broaden out, and attract a different kind of audience that might want to come for Patagonia but didn’t necessarily want to come for Lincoln.”

Patagonia: Life on the Edge of the World premieres Sunday, July 10 on CNN at 9 p.m. Eastern.