Hooray, Richard Lewis Is Returning To ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ After Sitting Out Season 11 (With A Good Excuse)

Last season, there was a disturbance in Curb Your Enthusiasm: It was missing Richard Lewis. The comic and actor has been with the show from the start, which is to say since the special that launched Larry David’s second beloved show. But after over two decades of occasionally playing a version of himself on the HBO staple, he had to play hooky. He had a good excuse: He’d had surgeries on his back and both shoulders and he wasn’t fit to work, even for a gig that mostly involves him joking around with an old pal. But the dark days are over.

“I’m back shooting Curb!” Lewis tweeted Monday, purportedly from the set of Season 12. “I’m a lucky cat to be with my oldest pal who just so happens to be a genius. Don’t tell him I called him that or he’ll mock me to my grave. A 22 year ride so far!”

Last year, when he broke the news to Curb enthusiasts of his going AWOL, he said that he was “crushed” that he couldn’t partake of the show’s first post-start-of-pandemic season, which found Larry blackmailed into casting an aspiring actress who can’t act while J.B. Smoove’s Leon tried to find a women with the same name as his ex to join him on vacation (long story). But he was able to make a surprise visit to the set.

Anyway, welcome back both Curb Richard Lewis and Real Richard Lewis.