‘Succession’ Viewers Had A Collective Breakdown After That Roman Roy Reveal

Logan Roy is back to his old tricks! And by “tricks”I mean he is back at it manipulating his children and by “back” I mean he…never really left.

In the latest episode of Succession, Roman is once again being emotionally tormented by his siblings and his father, who is seemingly trying to divide and conquer his children by exploiting their weaknesses, as so many loving parents do. We all know Roman’s weakness (third child syndrome) and after taking the bait and exchanging Happy Birthday texts with his father, Roman just wants his dad to love him, which is why Logan offers him a position at ATN.

Kendall and Shiv were rightfully suspicious of Roman and his soft spot for his father, though everyone watching had the same thought: get poor Roman away from this family and give him a single nice long hug! Even though Roman keeps falling into traps and gets pulled in every which way, he is still, deep down, a good guy (probably?) and he really doesn’t deserve all of the mind games he’s going through. On the other hand…maybe he does.

Still, we were all rooting for him! So everyone had a collective breakdown once Roman came crawling back to his father, despite the pact he had with his siblings.

Even though the ending was a bit of a letdown, we also should have seen this coming. It’s surprising he was able to bounce back at all after….the incident.

Isn’t family amazing?!