Samuel L. Jackson Thinks It’s ‘Bullsh*t’ That Jonah Hill Has A Curse Word Record Over Him

A very important 2020 survey found that Jonah Hill is the most foulmouthed actor of all-time. Buzz Bingo reported that the Oscar-nominated actor has uttered 376 swear words throughout his career (including 74 swears for every 1,000 words in Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street), besting Leonardo DiCaprio and Adam Sandler. Also on the list but somehow not in first place: Samuel L. Jackson. He thinks that’s f*cking bullsh*t.

During Wednesday’s episode of The Tonight Show, Jackson was made aware of the survey by host Jimmy Fallon. “Who won?” he asked. When Fallon told him it was Jonah Hill, Jackson said, “That’s some bullsh*t. I mean, no. No. No way, man. No way, man, come on. Jonah Hill, really? I don’t believe that. Someone has miscounted.” Jackson also wondered if the survey included all curse words or a specific curse word (I don’t think “butts” counts).

We do know The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey star’s favorite swear, though. Jackson described “motherf*cker” as an “all-encompassing word that describes a lot of different feelings and a lot of different things. It all depends on the inflection, the place in a particular sentence that allows someone to understand what you’re saying and how you feel about it. It’s very freeing in an interesting sort of way to relieve the pressure of the importance of something sometimes. You can elevate something with motherf*ck or you can deflate it with motherf*ck. The word works in so many wonderful and amazing ways.”

You can watch Jackson’s The Tonight Show interview above.