Seth Meyers Has Some Fun With Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Claim That She Would Have Been Successful At Doing A Jan 6th Coup

While the much-talked about “Red Wave” that the GOP was talking about for months ahead of the 2022 midterms never came to be, enough unhinged Republicans managed to keep their seats that it almost doesn’t matter. And by “enough,” we mean Marjorie Taylor Greene who, even by Marjorie Taylor Greene’s standards, really managed to outdo herself over the weekend when she spoke to the New York Virgins Young Republicans Club.

In addition to ranting about how easy it was to find butt plugs and dildos at the nearest CVS or Target — which likely had more than one member of the crowd Googling where the nearest CVS was located — Greene also took the opportunity to deny that she had any involvement in the events of January 6th by bragging about how good she’d be at overthrowing democracy. Seth Meyers gave a recap of her inane babbling on Monday night’s show.

The way Meyers see it, even though the results of the midterms clearly showed that “Trump’s routine” is no longer working with many voters, “some of the GOP’s most prominent politicians are still leaning further in the direction of MAGA extremism after it was rejected by voters.” Case in point: Queen Space Lasers herself. In addition to mentioning her obsession with the wide availability of sex toys (because, how couldn’t he?), Meyers was more concerned with the fact that “this person” is actually going to have power in our government. “GOP leader Kevin McCarthy has essentially made a pact with Greene and other extremists to keep them happy and let them run wild in exchange for their votes,” Meyers explained. This will include allowing Greene to serve on committees again, a privilege which she was previously barred from after what Meyers described as “a series of bigoted and inflammatory remarks.”

But if you think MTG 2.0 is a kinder, gentler sort of Republican, think again. Because, as Meyers explained, the butt plug banter was just small talk:

She also joked that if she and Trump ally Steve Bannon, who was also present at the event, had been in charge of the attempt to overturn the election results on January 6th, they would’ve won — because they would have had weapons…

You see, the joke is that conservatives are such blood-thirsty psychopaths, if they had actually planned the insurrection on the Capitol, it would have been way more violent. That’s like if Holiday Inn ran an ad that said, ‘If White Lotus took place here, more people would have died.’

You can watch the full clip beginning around the 6:50 mark.