The ‘Severance’ Creator’s Favorite Scene Is Probably Also Your Favorite Scene

Apple TV+’s sinister workplace comedy Severance is one of 2022’s most acclaimed TV shows, but if you haven’t gotten around to watching it yet, you might have seen this GIF of Adam Scott dancing on Twitter. He doesn’t sing, but luckily Step Brothers exists.

The “Music Dance Experience,” as it’s known, is maybe the best scene in the season, but don’t take my word for it. Here’s creator Dan Erickson during a recent Reddit Ask Me Anything in response to a question about his “favorite part” of the show so far:

“The Music Dance Experience is probably my favorite scene, which is funny ’cause I’m the idiot who tried to cut it in the script stage. I wasn’t sure we needed it or that there was room for it or whatever, but Ben and producer Mark Friedman were adamant it could be something special. The moment Tramell [the actor who plays Mr. Milchick] started dancing I was like, ‘Welp, I was as wrong as humanly possible on this one.’ Stay humble, is I guess the moral.”

In the same AMA, Erickson also revealed that there’s subtle reference to Jaws in episode five (“I don’t think anyone’s commented on it yet, at least that I’ve seen”), but he wouldn’t spill about the beans about the baby goats. “They were very sweet on set! (But we weren’t allowed to pet them because of covid protocols)” is all he would say.

Maybe some defiant jazz will get him to talk.

(Via Reddit)