Shonda Rhimes And Other Creators Are Not Happy With Netflix’s New Flow-Disrupting Ads

Last week, Netflix unveiled something they long vowed they’d never do: an ad-supported version of their service. Subscribers were fleeing; money, which had been spent on blockbuster-sized budgets, was drying up. It had to be done, evidently. But it’s been a chaotic roll-out, and the way they’ve implemented their new tactic already has its critics, including certain high-profile “content creators.”

As per CNBC, multiple sources say Shonda Rhimes — whose Netflix shows include Bridgerton and Inventing Anna — is among those who’ve complained about the ads. They say they interrupt their storytelling, their flow. After all, these shows (and movies) were not made with commercial breaks in mind.

Among others who’ve complained are Intrepid Pictures, who’ve put such shows and films as The Haunting of Hill House, directed by Mike Flanagan (who is also reportedly nonplussed). One episode of that show is comprised of five long takes over 50 minutes. They’re now rudely interrupted by ads, killing not only the tension but the filmmaking. One reason Intrepid signed up with Netflix was because of their lack of ads.

Netflix executives have tried to cushion the blow of the ads, saying they try to find places where breaks make sense, or as much as they possibly can. Some who’ve worked with Netflix have not complained about the ads, including Ryan Murphy and The Queen’s Gambit’s Scott Frank.

That said, there’s one thing Netflix won’t be doing with those who make shows and movies for them: sharing the revenue from those ads with them. Indeed, the only thing they can do about the ads is complain about them — or complain if their shows or movies aren’t even a part of the ad-supported version.

(Via CNBC)