Stephen Colbert Thinks That Dr. Oz Made The ‘Creepiest Political Promise’ In Decades

Pennsylvania’s GOP Senate contest between celebrity quack Mehmet Oz and former-hedge fund CEO Dave McCormick is too close to call, with a mere 0.2 percentage points separating the two. The night before polls opened, Oz made sure to remind Keystone State voters that he’s the only candidate being backed by former-president Donald Trump (it’s not the flex he thinks it is). “President Trump said this and I think he was right and kind to say it, that I am smart, I am tough, and I will never let you down,” the not-so-good doctor said on Fox News, to which Colbert replied, “Because there’s nothing more impressive than being called smart by a man who stared directly into an eclipse.”

Later in his monologue, Colbert singled out a weird campaign vow made by Oz.

“So when you go to bed at night and put your head on that soft pillow, you know Oz will be doing exactly what you want him to do if you were there next to him,” he assured (skeezed out?) Fox News viewers. Colbert called it the “creepiest political promise” since George H.W. Bush’s “read my lips” vow (which now involves extra tongue).

You can watch The Late Show clip above.