President Trump Stared Directly Into The Solar Eclipse, And Nobody Can Handle It

Getty Image

When it comes to witnessing the natural grandeur that is a total solar eclipse, there are a number of things to keep in mind. And aside from remembering not to cauterize your smart phone camera’s sensors, one of the most important (and obvious) pleas made by experts is to not look directly into the solar eclipse with your naked, unprotected eyeballs. Doing so can cause major damage to your retinas, or worse, hence why many businesses and websites offer special eclipse glasses or directions for how to make your own viewing device. Then again, if you’re President Donald Trump, that’s probably all just a bunch of fake news, right?

During the solar eclipse’s partial observance in Washington D.C., White House staff and media gathered out on the lawn to witness the phenomena — not to mention Trump’s witnessing of it. Along with First Lady Melania Trump and his youngest son Barron, the president donned a pair of specially made glasses and looked up into the sky for a brief moment. An ABC News camera crew caught the brief photo op, for Trump immediately removed the glasses and gave a thumbs up to the crowd. Then he decided to throw caution to the solar winds and stare straight into it.

As Wall Street Journal reporter Ted Mann noted on Twitter, someone in the crowd shouted at him not to look. But they were likely just an aide, and Trump is the friggin’ President of the United States, so he looked anyway.

Needless to say, nobody was able to handle Trump’s blatant display of stubbornness.