Donald Glover’s Real-Life Hookup Story Inspired A Memorable Scene From ‘Swarm’

Donald Glover doesn’t need to write a memoir about his personal life. He already has Swarm. Janine Nabers, who co-created the Amazon Prime Video series about stan culture, told Insider that a memorable scene from the sexy show was inspired by something that actually happened to Glover.

“Donald told this funny story about a girl who he really liked, and how after they hooked up, he was standing there with a bowl of cherries, just being like, ‘Hey.’ She was, like, so not into it, because it’s so weird to hook up with a guy that you barely know and then wake up with him holding a bowl of cherries,” she said. Something similar (but with a different fruit) happens in Swarm:

In the scene, Dre (Dominique Fishback) wakes up after having lost her virginity to a random man (Rory Culkin) she met at a bar. To her surprise, the man is naked, washing a bowl of strawberries. He then walks over to her and offers her some fruit, with the glass bowl pressed directly against his flaccid penis.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall in the Swarm writers room when they debated whether the hookup should be holding cherries, like Glover did in real life, or strawberries. No one voted for a banana. Too obvious.

Swarm is available on Amazon Prime Video now.

(Via Insider)