‘The Boys’ Reveals Two New Supes, Sister Sage And Firecracker, Ahead Of Season 4

After three seasons of The Boys, The Seven is a bit of a mess. And while we don’t know much about where the show is headed next when it comes to Vought’s signature superhero team, the show is certainly primed for new supes to fill some important roles. Which is why it’s not very surprising that the show’s fourth season will have some new faces presumably doing some terrible things with their impressive powers.

As Entertainment Weekly shared on Monday, Amazon revealed two new supes and their costumes ahead of a fourth season coming at a much later date. The show’s Twitter account also shared two of the images on Monday as well, introducing Sage and Firecracker to the world in full uniform.

We already know that Sage will be played by Susan Heyward (Orange Is The New Black, Vinyl) and Valorie Curry (Veronica Mars) will play Firecracker. But right now that’s about all we know. Amazon has made it clear that we’re not getting much more information about what these two supes are up to, and what side they’re on, until the show debuts on Prime. And we don’t even have a release date for that, so right now it’s all speculation.

Sister Sage, for example, doesn’t show up in the comics at all. But the “Sage” could come from the Sage Grove Center, a psychiatric hospital from the show/comics that’s a cover for Vaught experimenting on people. And perhaps Firecracker — described as having a “short fuse” on Monday, is yet another patriotic-themed supe that will play into Homelander’s nosedive into the far right.

Speculation doesn’t get you very far in The Boys universe, though. The show has made some changes to characters when they make the transition from comic to streaming screen, and these two are blank slates to boot. So it’s tough to know what showrunner Eric Kripke and company have in store for us. As far as other casting news, we also know that Ryan Butcher will be around much more in Season 4, as actor Cameron Crovetti has been promoted to a full-time regular cast member after serving a reoccurring role in the previous two seasons. And with how the last season’s finale cleared out the supe rolodex, we certainly will see lots of screen time for these new faces.

[via EW]