Everyone Loves The Latest Episode Of ‘The Last Of Us’ — Minus One Detail

Episode three of The Last of Us is one we’ll remember for a long, long time.

The Bill and Frank-centric episode is being called “one of the best hours of TV in 2023” (CNN), a “TV moment we’ll never forget” (Esquire), and “a very special episode, the best of the series so far, and an extraordinary hour (and some change) of television by any standards” (Vulture). Or as our Jessica Toomer put it in her recap, “Long Long Time” is a “bottle episode amidst a fungal nightmare scape that’s quiet and beautiful and reason enough to keep trying when it comes to these ‘world’s ended, now what?’ narratives.”

There’s one valid criticism of the episode, though.


This is not what 10 miles west of Boston looks like. Ten miles west of Boston is still Red Sox country; there are no scenic mountains and ripping streams to wash your bloody knuckles off in. Much of The Last of Us was filmed in Alberta, Canada (over 2,000 miles northwest of Boston), and this scene in particular was shot “just downstream from Sheep River Falls,” according to the Daily Hive, “a gorgeous set of falls just west of Calgary.”

The real reason you can tell it’s not Boston, though: there’s nary a Dunkin to be found.