Michael Imperioli Crashed A Car With James Gandolfini As His Passenger During His First Day At Work On ‘The Sopranos’

How has your first day at your job? As long as you didn’t almost kill James Gandolfini in a car crash after pretending you had a driver’s license, it went better than Michael Imperioli’s. Unless you ate the last donut in the break room. Then you’re a monster.

Imperioli, who played Christopher Moltisanti on The Sopranos, recalled his first day on the set of the HBO series on Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace. “The first day of work, I had to drive him. I didn’t have a driver’s license, you know, but I didn’t tell anybody that because I wanted the job. Because Christopher’s job was to drive Tony,” he said. “But I’m like, well, how hard could it be?” Famous last words (Pete Campbell can relate).

Imperioli continued:

“I had to drive backwards down the sidewalk with trees on both sides and extras running out of the way. Delivering dialogue to Tony Soprano. Looking forward. I mean, that’s hard to do,” he admits. “Even if you know how to drive which I do now. I did it like four times the fifth time. Boom, right into the tree. The airbags go off, Jim’s head snaps back.”

Imperioli was certain he was going to be fired, but when he looked at over Gandolfini, he was “laughing hysterically.” He was probably thinking about Dookie at the time. I’m glad no one was injured, but now I’m suddenly concerned that Imperioli crashed a vespa into Jennifer Coolidge on the set of The White Lotus. I eagerly await her tell-all.

(Via People)