The ‘Game Of Thrones’-Style Ending To The New ‘The White Lotus’ Is Making People Go ‘WTF’

Everyone on The White Lotus this season is horny and miserable, and it’s great.

Portia (played by Haley Lu Richardson) has been horny since episode one (“I wanna get thrown around by some hot Italian guy”), and she’s looked miserable while moping around the Sicilian resort grounds in her inexplicable sweater vests — until she met Jack (Leo Woodall). The cheeky dine and dish veteran is traveling the world with his uncle, Quentin (Tom Hollander), and his gay friends, including Italian Borat. Quentin calls Jack his “naughty nephew,” emphasis on the “naughty.” As for the nephew, well…

In the closing moments of Sunday’s episode, “That’s Amore,” Tanya (Jennifer Coolidge) spies Jack and Quentin having sex. So much for Portia not being miserable. “Oh boy, Portia. Sweet Portia. Poor Portia,” Richardson told Entertainment Weekly. “Oh man, she was finally getting what she wanted, on paper, just to find out that he’s f*cking his uncle. And its not what it seems. You never want to find out that the guy that you’re dating and who has whisked you away is f*cking his uncle! You don’t want to find that out.”

Richardson called it the moral of season two: “You’ve got to look inward, you’ve got to go to therapy, or else whoever you’re f*cking is also going to be f*cking their uncle.” When Adam DiMarco (“nice guy” Albie) pointed out that “people love Game of Thrones for this very reason,” she replied, “Oh my god, HBO loves something about uncle-f*cking!” She also called House of the Dragon “hot.” And she didn’t mean the dragon fire.

I assumed “uncle” and “nephew” were barely-veiled code words (like one-half of a same-sex couple introducing her girlfriend to her family as her “roommate”), but after this interview, I’m not so sure. Maybe Jack and Quentin really are related. One thing’s for sure: things are going to “crazier,” according to Richardson, in the final two episodes.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)