Tom And Shiv’s Impending ‘Succession’ Divorce Has Them In A Wreck, While Fans Are Unsure What To Do With Themselves

Who among us (Succession viewers, that is) hasn’t seen (although we may not have wanted to acknowledge it) the split of Shiv and Tom coming? That’s been the case for me since this ^^ Season 2 beach discussion, in which Tom divulged the miserable state of their marriage for him. Heck, I probably should have seen the writing on the wall even before their marriage, or at the latest, upon their vows, when Shiv proposed an open marriage to a less-than-enthused Tom (and that blow stuck with him). Yet the final nails didn’t begin to land in the coffin until the Season 3 finale with Tom’s betrayal of Shiv.

And there is no reconciliation is to be had. The way I see it is this: as with most things involving Shiv, this relationship had always been about how it benefits Shiv, and once it ceased to satisfy that goal, she was pretty much out other than formalities. For sure, the Naomi Pierce and Disgusting Brothers stuff did not help matters. Yet at the end of it all, Tom still wanted to have a real discussion, and some actual emotion from her, but Shiv wouldn’t (and maybe even couldn’t) indulge that desire. She also seemed to expect Tom to keep pushing for her, yet finally, Tom had had enough as well.

The scene where Tom and Shiv held hands and declared that they “gave it a go” may have been too much for some viewers, who still couldn’t help being sad to see this coupling (finally) end.

Will we see Single Shiv hit the dating pool now? I feel like she’s got too much else going on to deal with dating, but I could be wrong!

HBO’s Succession airs on Sunday nights.