Trevor Noah Doesn’t Understand How Donald Trump Can Declassify Documents With His Brain When ‘He Can’t Even Read Documents With His Brain’

Just when you think Donald Trump has said the most ridiculous thing ever uttered by a human being — let alone a former president — he manages to outdo himself. Especially when he’s attempting to wriggle out of taking responsibility for one of his many wrongdoings. But even Trevor Noah seems to think that Trump’s latest excuse for why he had hundreds of highly classified documents at Mar-a-Lago “may have topped them all.”

On Wednesday night, Trump plopped down for an interview with Sean Hannity, who is famous for throwing softball questions to his disgraced pal. But even the Fox News host seemed momentarily stunned when Trump basically claimed that being president gives you Yoda-like powers.

“When you’re the President of the United States, you can declassify just by saying, ‘It’s declassified’ — even by thinking about it,” Trump explained of what he believes is a president’s ability to perform Jedi-like mind tricks, and have them be legally binding. “There doesn’t have to be a process,” he added. “There can be a process, but there doesn’t have to be.”

But Noah wasn’t buying it:

Whoa, whoa — hold on, hold on, hold on. Donald Trump can declassify documents with his brain? How? HOW? He can’t even read documents with his brain. How does this happen?

I really hope that, ‘I can make things happen with my mind’ is going to be their actual argument at the trial. That would be great. ‘Your honor, the defendant pleads Jedi.’

But Noah brought up a good point when explaining why Trump’s story doesn’t really hold up:

So Trump is saying that he declassified these documents just by thinking about it. Which I don’t even believe, because that would be the first time in his life that Trump has thought something and not said it out loud.

You can watch the full clip above.