Trevor Noah Thinks Obama’s White House Portrait Looks Like A DMV Photo

On Wednesday, Barack and Michelle Obama hit up their old stomping grounds when they paid a visit to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to help unveil their official White House portraits. While most agreed that Michelle’s portrait was a sight to behold, some people were slightly confused by some of the choices made for Barack’s painting — Trevor Noah among them.

“I’m not going to lie: I am not an art expert,” Noah admitted. “I don’t know the difference between Michelangelo and the other Ninja Turtles. But what is going on with the Obama portrait?”

Barack Obama White House Portait
White House Historical Association via Getty Images

Noah’s questions didn’t end there:

Like, why is he standing in a white void? I don’t get it. It looks like he got his portrait taken at the DMV. Why does it look like this? He’s just like, ‘My license expired, so let’s kill two birds with one stone.’ No, because their portraits are going to hang in the White House forever. You understand that? They should look: White House!

Like, look at Michelle’s. She looks like a movie star, painted by a French artiste. Obama’s looks like they ran out of printer toner for the background.

If it seems like the Obamas’ big portrait reveals are a long time coming, that’s because they are. Traditionally, the unveiling ceremony is held during the tenure of the outgoing president’s predecessor. But, as Politico reports, Donald Trump reportedly refused to take part in this long-held tradition.