‘It’s Awesome, I Can’t Wait For People To See It’: Vince Gilligan Is As Excited As You Are About The ‘Better Call Saul’ Series Finale

Show endings are always a tricky prospect. Sometimes you get a Mad Men. Other times you get a Game of Thrones. What will the last of Better Call Saul be? Will it mirror the capper for its parent show, Breaking Bad, which satisfied just about everyone? If you had to go by how confident creator Vince Gilligan is about it — or how much of a gut-punch its penultimate episode was — it might even be better than that.

Gilligan was present for a virtual panel at this year’s Television’s Critics Association to-do, where he seemed barely able to conceal how stoked he was for everyone to see what he and his team cooked up. “It is awesome, I can’t wait for people to see it,” he gushed. As Consequence reporter Liz Shannon Miller pointed out, that’s a very different tack than you see with, say, Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, who announced they were going to spend the finale on a tropical island that doesn’t have internet.

It better be good, because this is it for the world of Breaking Bad. “You can’t keep putting all your money on Red 21,” Gilligan said. “I feel like we probably pushed it doing a spinoff to Breaking Bad [but] I could not be more happy with the results. Then I did El Camino and I’m very proud of that too. But I think I’m starting to sense you’ve got to know when to leave the party, you don’t want to be the guy with a lampshade on your head.”

In other words, that’s all, folks. “I don’t have any plans right now to do anything more in this universe,” he added. “I know I probably gave the same answer at the end of Breaking Bad. I gotta prove to myself that I got something else in me. I’m not a one trick pony, that’s what I’m hoping.”

Indeed, Gilligan’s already out there shopping some mystery show that evidently has nothing to do with Walt or Jesse or Jimmy/Saul or Gus or Mike or Kim or whoever. In the meantime, Better Call Saul’s final episode airs on Monday, August 15.

(Via Deadline)