What Happens Between Tommy And The Serbian Mafia In ‘Power?’

(SPOILERS for this week’s Power Book IV: Force will be found below.)

Despite his hopes to start fresh and new in Chicago, Tommy Egan’s past in New York City has caught up to him on multiple occasions in Power Book IV: Force. This first example came with his first run-in with Liliana, who tried to kill him after she assumed he came to the city to kill her. Thankfully for both, Tommy and Liliana are still alive and well, but the same cannot be said for a few members of the Serbian Mafia who came to attack not only Liliana but Tommy as well.

What Happens Between Tommy And The Serbs In ‘Power?’

Tommy has a long history with the Serbs, which dates back to the original Power series. He and the now-deceased James St. Patrick, a.k.a. “Ghost,” are responsible for killing two of the mafia’s members: Jason Micic and Milan. Liliana also has a long history with the Serbs as she stole a batch of cocaine from them. They eventually track her down to retrieve their product, but soon enough the Serbs learn that she reconnected with Tommy and they set their eyes on getting revenge for the deaths in the group. The Serbs kidnap Liliana, but she’s rescued by Tommy after he frees her and kills two of their members.

Eventually, a meeting between the Serbs and Tommy occurs. Here, he returns the batch of cocaine to the group, and while Tommy sees that as being enough, they desire to kill either him or Liliana in exchange for Tommy being responsible for 4 deaths in the Serbian Mafia. As expected, Tommy rejects their wishes but he goes a step further and kills three additional Serbian Mafia members, including the woman in charge of the drug pipeline in Chicago.

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