What Time Does ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Season 12, Episode 2 Come Out?

Attention everyone but Wil Wheaton: there’s a new episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm this Sunday.

The second episode of season 12 of Larry David‘s HBO comedy is titled “The Lawn Jockey.” It follows Larry, who’s still in Atlanta following last week’s premiere, as he “finds himself stuck at a rental home with a questionable lawn ornament. Meanwhile, Jeff pays the price for taking Larry’s advice for Susie’s birthday gift,” according to the official plot synopsis.

“The Lawn Jockey” premieres on HBO and Max this Sunday, February 11th, at 10 p.m. EST.

To go back to Wheaton: the Star Trek: The Next Generation actor called David a “stupid, self-centered, tone deaf asshole” for playfully attacking Elmo on the Today show (to be fair, Elmo had it coming). “He had to indirectly tell everyone who opened their hearts to a Muppet that they were stupid, and he thought it was a good joke to physically attack and choke this character who is beloved by children and adults alike “You know what that tells impressionable young people about sharing their feelings?” he wrote on Facebook.

Wheaton added, “A man who would belittle and mock that isn’t much of a man at all. Shame on you, Larry David.” It’s a shame this is the final season of Curb — this would make for a great Curb plot.