Meet Justin, The Most Unlucky Contestant In ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ History

Wheel of Fortune has seen some unlucky contestants over the years, but nothing like Justin. The poor guy was drawn to Bankrupts and Lose a Turns like a moth to a flame, or me to an old-school Pizza Hut.

Justin, a school principal from Kansas City, Missouri, landed on a Bankrupt early in the episode that aired on Tuesday. No big deal. But then came his second Bankrupt, and his third. “Justin, Justin! Go to the principal’s office,” host Pat Sajak joked. Little did they know...

During the Final Spin, Justin’s bad luck continued and the Final Spin was actually not so final. He landed on yet another bankrupt, and had to spin again since a money-making wedge was needed at that point. He was astonished and completely hid his body behind the wheel. After a moment alone Justin emerged. He begged: “Just make it $5,000, Pat, we’ve got this. This is darksided.”

Justin spun again. Guess what? Lose a Turn. “You’re doing this on purpose at this point,” an incredulous Justin accused Sajak. “I can feel it.”

Even the Wheel of Fortune Twitter account had to remark on his bad luck. “Don’t worry, we spoke to the wheel after the show and asked it to apologize to Justin for its behavior today,” the tweet reads.

Needless to say, Justin did not win the episode (six “bad” spins will do that), but he did win the hearts of Wheel of Fortune viewers. Which isn’t as good as a trip to Hawaii, but it’s something.

(Via the Sun)