Pat Sajak ‘Wrestled’ A Winning Contestant At The Close Of A Show And It’s The Funniest ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Moment In A Long Time

Pat Sajak has been hosting Wheel of Fortune since 1981. And yet even after over 7,000 episodes with co-host Vanna White, he’s still finding ways to keep things fresh, like faux-attempting to wrestle contestants.

During Tuesday’s episode of Wheel, Fred, a drama teacher who also works as a bar trivia host and wrestler, had a “perfect game”: he correctly answered every puzzle, including the bonus. “Just because he’s a professional amateur, you want me to body slam him for you?” Sajak asked the other contestants, while Fred flexed. Speaking of flexes: Fred took home a grand total of $75,800.

During the post-game celebration, Sajak walked over to Fred like he was going to shake his hand before putting some amateur “wrestling” moves on the contestant. Orange Cassidy, he ain’t. But Fred did a good job of selling Sajak’s patented armlock-hand over mouth combo, probably because he just made more in one game of Wheel of Fortune than he has in years of wrestling.

When the show cut back, Pat having said nothing during the actual act – Vanna said to him: “I had no idea you were a wrestler.” Pat replied: “Yeah I used to do that professionally,” to which one lone audience member laughed loudly and Pat stared them down. “Like you’ve never heard of ‘The Masked Sage?’ Come on…” he joked, giving himself a wrestler pseudonym.

You can watch the Wheel of Fortune clip above.

(Via the Sun)