When Does ‘Hacks’ Season 3, Episode 9 Come Out?

How is the Hacks season finale already upon the world? This means that less than a week remains before Harry Styles will be waiting for a Season 4 announcement, and I promise that you will also be wanting to know what goes down next after this week’s episode, which is my runner-up fave of this batch after the forest-hike-gone-wrong episode.

Soon, Hannah Einbinder will be filming a standup special for Max, and Jean Smart will be making a romcom with Andy Samberg, and we will have to rely on little nuggets of information that drop to inform us of more comedic chemistry on the horizon.

When Does ‘Hacks’ Season 3, Episode 9 Come Out?

The season finale will stream on Thursday, May 30 at 3:00am EST/12:00am PST.

In Episode 9, “Bulletproof,” the description is as follows: “As Deborah works to perfect her second run at hosting, Ava receives a dream offer, and Jimmy and Kayla seek to grow their company.”

Oh, this gets chaotic. Still, this season has been a marvelous ride including the supporting characters portrayed by Kaitlin Olsen, Megan Stalter, Paul Downs, and Lorenza Izzo. In particular, Olsen has had the most impact upon Deborah’s suit of armor that she has wielded throughout her character out of necessity. That’s been heavy stuff, but fortunately, Hacks manages to keep the vibe light.