Jean Smart Has Heard That Harry Styles Checks Into Hotels Using Her ‘Hacks’ Character’s Name

Are you watching Hacks? You should really be watching Hacks. The HBO comedy starring Jean Smart and Hannah Einbinder just returned for a third season, and it’s as funny and sexy as ever. You know who is watching Hacks? Harry Styles. He’s such a fan that he apparently checks into hotels using the name of Smart’s showbiz legend character, Deborah Vance.

On Tuesday’s episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, Smart explained to host Drew Barrymore how she “found out that [Styles] was using Deborah Vance’s name to check into hotels as his alias.” The actress “saw there was a picture of him sitting next to his bodyguard and his bodyguard had the envelope with his keys and everything in it and it said, ‘D Vance,’ and he was on the 13th floor, and we found out indeed, he did use ‘D Vance’ to check into hotels.”

To be fair, “D. Vance” could be Dan Vance or Dalton Vance or Direction Vance (probably not that one). But Harry Styles has good taste in TV shows, so his appreciation for Hacks checks out. Also, “D. Vance” is a better fake name than “Oliver Sudden.” If I owned a hotel and someone tried to check in using the name Oliver Sudden, I would tell them to hit the road and try the Motel 6 down the street. I didn’t say I would be a good hotel owner.

You can watch a clip from the episode below.