Viola Davis Will Appear In ‘The Hunger Games’ Prequel As The Head Gamemaker

Even though the upcoming Hunger Games prequel, The Ballad Of Songbird And Snakes, will focus on one of the franchise’s least-loved characters, the movie is currently casting a long list of all-star actors who will undoubtedly give the series a fresh new look. Oscar winner Viola Davis is the latest iconic actor to be added to the mix, and she will play the gamemaker of the 10th annual Hunger Games.

Davis will portray Dr. Volumnia Gaul, a cunning political operator who will map out the infamous Hunger Games. She is similar to The Hunger Games’ Seneca Crane, portrayed by Wes Bentley. Francis Lawrence, who directed three of the four Hunger Games movies, is slated to direct the movie, which has a November 2023 release date.

Producer Nina Jacobson says that casting Davis was the “dream” that finally came to fruition. “From the beginning, Viola has been our dream for Dr. Gaul because of the finely layered intelligence and emotion she brings to every role,” Jacobson told The Hollywood Reporter. “A brilliant and eccentric strategist, Gaul is instrumental in shaping a young Coriolanus Snow into the man he will become. We are incredibly fortunate to have an actor with Viola’s extraordinary range and presence to play this pivotal role.

Songbirds and Snakes will star Rachel Zegler as District 12 tribute in the 10th annual Hunger Games, over 50 years before the start of the Hunger Games story. Tom Blyth, Peter Dinklage, Jason Schwartzman, Hunter Schafer, and Josh Andrés Rivera are also slated to star.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)