‘The View’ Dressed A Kid Up As Will Smith’s Oscars Slap And It Went Over Great (It Did Not Go Over Great)

It seems like it happened seven years ago, but this is the first Halloween since Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars for failing to keep Jada Pinkett Smith’s name out of his f*cking mouth. That still-shocking moment (if not as hysteria causing as Judd Apatow’s tweet made it out to be) was part of a segment on Monday’s episode of The View featuring costumes inspired by 2022’s most-discussed topics. There was a child “dressed in a car dealership inflatable with money glued to the sides” to represent inflation, according to Decider, and another kid “with a Donald Trump wig dressed as a toilet flushing down classified documents” to signify the raid at the Mar-a-Lago.

Please do not dress your child up as a toilet raid — or The Slap.

One costume in particular left viewers with a sour taste: the Oscars slap, where Will Smith stormed the stage at the award show and slapped Chris Rock across the face. The child sporting the outfit wore a gold costume that looked like the Oscar trophy and had a red handprint painted on the side of their face.

Here’s a very normal moment in TV history:


“We do not want to endorse violence of any kind,” The View wardrobe supervisor Ashley Alderfer Kaufman, “but we couldn’t help but talk about one of the hottest hot topics this year. So, we have our interpretation, we have an Oscars statue, we call this ‘The Oscars Slap,’ and he has red face-paint on the statue.” It’s going over great.

Jeffrey Dahmer is 2022’s worst Halloween costume, but The Slap isn’t far behind.

(Via Decider)