Will There Be A ‘Sweet Tooth’ Season 4 On Netflix?

Back in 2021, Sweet Tooth overcame the odds of being a series that largely revolved around a virus and went forth to be a justified streaming hit during pandemic times. Of course, that’s not the only obstacle that the Team Downey Netflix show tossed into the garbage. The Sweet Tooth comic book, after all, had been summed up as “Mad Max Meets Bambi,” and the show (starring Christian Convery as Gus and Nonso Anozie as Jeppard) turned out to be about much more than that catchphrase would suggest.

The third season arrived on June 6 amid a sea of Bridgerton fanfare but still emerged in the upper half of the current Top 10 English-speaking TV shows. Viewers who have finished the show (and have seen who survives) will likely want to know whether there will be more post-apocalyptic adventures for Gus and his hybrid friends. However, the answer to that question would be “nope.”

Netflix previously announced that the third season of Sweet Tooth would be the final batch of episodes. Showrunner Jim Mickle further explained why he felt that the latest New Zealand-shot season delivered a proper conclusion:

“At the beginning, I think you set out to tell these landmark pieces of Gus’ story and the big pieces of the comic book, but the beauty of long-form storytelling and Gus’ journey over 24 episodes is the characters themselves tell you what they want to be. The crew and cast bring so much depth and point of view to who the characters are and where they’ve come from and where they’re going.”

If you want to see more of Christian Convery and Nonzo Anosie, however, you are in luck. Nonso can be seen his TV roles everywhere from Game of Thrones to The Mandalorian to Ted Lasso, and Convery also has a lengthy list of credits, including Cocaine Bear and the upcoming Frankenstein and an adaptation of Stephen King’s The Monkey.

Sweet Tooth three seasons can now be streamed on Netflix.