William Zabka’s ‘Cobra Kai’ Halloween Message Is A Roundhouse Kick Of A ‘The Karate Kid’ Throwback

O.G. The Karate Kid Ralph Macchio has been pulling hard for an announcement from Netflix for a sixth Cobra Kai season. For sure, tons of people will be disappointed if this doesn’t happen, given that the revival series charted 1.74 billion minutes viewed in September. We want more of every character, including Hawk, especially because Macchio revealed that Jacob Bertrand can pull off a feat previously accomplished by Pat Morita. And we definitely need more of still-a-bad-boy Johnny Lawrence, who has big changes coming his way in life.

Speaking of original bad boys, William Zabka had a very special Halloween message that’s a direct throwback and proves that Cobra Kai “will never die.” Sure, Terry Silver is down for the count, but the rebellious dojo’s spirit lives on, as Zabka proves with this caption: “Happy Halloween from the OG Cobras #Halloween2022 #CobraKai.”

In response, Zabka received reminders of the first movie’s skeleton chaos and a crotch-kicking Miyagi.


All because of that menace running around in a shower curtain, right? That’s what some corners of the Internet would like us to believe. The responses soon flooded with themed costumes to honor the franchise, and this pumpkin rules, too.

Hopefully, all of you had a relaxing and still-eventful Halloween. And don’t forget, Cobra Kai is streaming on Netflix.