The New ‘Willow’ Teaser Features A Grizzled Warwick Davis Returning To The World Of The ’80s Classic

In between a peek at the latest Star Wars projects coming to Disney+, Lucasfilm surprisingly rolled out a teaser for its upcoming Willow series, which sees Warwick Davis return to his title role from the 1988 classic. The revival series was confirmed back in October 2020, and it will make its big debut just a little over two years later when it starts streaming on November 30.

While little is known about the revival series, it takes place years after the events of the original Ron Howard film that saw Davis team up with Val Kilmer’s Madmartigan and Joanna Whalley’s Sorsha to protect the child empress Elora Danan. While Kilmer will not appear in the fantasy series, according to showrunner Jon Kasdan, Whalley has a prominent presence in the teaser.

Based on the voiceover, it appears Willow will once again to have to protect Elora from dark forces. “There is a balance between all things — light and shadow, good and evil,” Davis’ now older, wiser character says. “When that balance is upset, the universe corrects. … Into the unknown, that’s where we must go.”

Interestingly, the Willow teaser release answers the questions of what series will premiere after Andor, now that The Mandalorian Season 3 has slipped into 2023. Clearly, that honor falls to Willow, which will anchor the Disney+ holiday streaming schedule. Unless, of course, they slip in another Marvel show, which could happen.

(Via Variety)