A ‘Yellowjackets’ Star Has Revealed That, If Everything Goes Well, We’ll Be Seeing A Lot More Of The Show

Yellowjackets‘ second season is nearly upon us. The show returns to Showtime on Sunday, March 26, and doubles down on the darkness while refusing to apologize for it. Let the fan theories begin to roll, in other words, as the characters endure winter’s further arrival and reckon with what happened to Jackie at the end of last season. Also, this season has a lot of so-called “Antler Queen” Lottie Matthews, whose name burnished itself within a terrified question to close out a finale scene that saw Juliette Lewis’ Natalie be abducted, which is quite a way to announce that a seemingly missing character is still alive in the present.

Courtney Eaton, the actress who plays 1990s Lottie, is now talking about what comes next. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Eaton reveals something that could be of interest to people who want a lot more of this show. Although it’s not entirely unusual for a show to sign an actor on for several seasons, the fact that six was the magical number chosen by Yellowjackets producers and Showtime seems promising. Then again, Showtime is known for keeping going for the long haul if the gravy train keeps rolling. Here’s what Eaton offered on the subject:

Eaton, 27, who was born in Western Australia and moved to L.A. to pursue an acting career after scoring a role in 2015’s Mad Max: Fury Road, has been upped to series regular on Yellowjackets, an offer she actually turned down before the pilot. “This was my first TV show, and the idea of signing on to something for six years really scared me,” she says. “But then I knew pretty early on that I wasn’t ever going to get bored with this character.”

She also detailed her own lack of total clarity on Lottie’s state of mind (and “potential clairvoyance” within the second season), other than confirming that trauma is a hell of a drug:

“I’ve decided that she doesn’t have a mental illness but that she’s never really trusted her own brain,” she says. “In dealing with the trauma of the crash, she’s just trying to latch onto whatever she can, which is often an energy that draws people to her even if she doesn’t know how to process it.”

In Season 2, viewers will get to know the present day Lottie, too, as portrayed by Simone Kessell. As with the other pairings on this show, the casting directors did the thing to match everyone up well. And it’s almost time to head back to the wilderness.

(Via Hollywood Reporter)