The ‘Yellowjackets’ Creators Are Out There Reading Your Wildest Fan Theories

The season one finale of Showtime’s fantastic Yellowjackets airs on Sunday, so if you have any theories about the identify of the Antler Queen or how many times Misty has forced her poor parrot to watch Caligula with her, you should post them to Reddit now.

Who knows, the creators might even be reading.

“I shouldn’t admit this but I have been, along with the entire cast and most of our EPs, trolling Reddit a little bit and watching Twitter a little bit,” co-creator Ashley Lyle told ET Online. “I would say that somebody out of the thousands of comments that have come up has rightly predicted almost everything. And it’s not always the most popular of theories, which I find interesting.” She added that’s especially fun to read theories about the Antler Queen, a fan term that has become canon:

“I like that as much as I actually enjoy the completely off-the-wall theories that are completely insane sometimes, but really creative. So, I salute everyone who’s coming up with [those]. It’s fun to see.”

Here’s my theory for the finale: all the teens (and Ben, can’t forget Ben) recreate the plot of the 1996 film, Mars Attacks. I guess that’s not so much a “theory” as a demand. If you’re reading this, Ashley Lyle and/or co-creator Bart Nickerson, thank you in advance.

Yellowjackets airs at 10 p.m. EST on Sunday on Showtime.

(Via ET Online)