A ‘Yellowstone’ Actress Was Incredibly Frank When Asked About The Drama And Scheduling Ruckus Surrounding The Show

Yellowstone went on hiatus (this happened back in January) in the middle of Season 5, and no one seems to know when the show will return to film the back end of the season. Star Kevin Costner has been busy gearing up to direct his two-part Western project, Horizon, and rumors of his impending exit will not stop, nor will discussions about the rumored rift between Costner and series creator Taylor Sheridan, who also has plenty of balls in the air.

When the April 1 Paleyfest fiasco happened (Sheridan and Costner were absent despite Paleyfest listing them on the roster), those actors who did appear on the panel confirmed that filming had definitely not begun for new episodes, and while Kelly Reilly recently revealed why she was absent, neither Costner nor Sheridan have done the same. Variety had originally reported that the last-minute schedule omissions were “due to scheduling conflicts,” and of course, everyone who appears on the show must now field questions of what the heck is happening with Yellowstone.

Such is the case with country singer Lainey Wilson, who plays the whiskey-swilling Abby on the series and revealed that she knows nothing, but she did admit that the show’s nebulous issues have made her realize that TV is “crazier” than her experience with music. Via Entertainment Tonight:

“I’m planning on getting an update today,” Wilson said. “It’s wild.”

“Like, just tell me when, man,” she added with a laugh. “Yeah, I have no clue what’s going on… I’m waiting on that phone call.”

“I feel like I’ve learned that TV business is even crazier than the music business,” she shared. “And that’s the truth.”

Meanwhile, Taylor Sheridan appears to be playing his card close to his cowboy sleeves on the Costner business, but to be fair, he’s probably also pretty busy moving Lawmen: Bass Reeves towards filming mode. Donald Sutherland recently signed on for a mystery role as Sheridan keeps drawing A-listers into his Yellowstone-tangential world. And given that Sheridan is also a prolific writer, he’s surely whipped up the right role for another legend.

(Via Entertainment Tonight)