If You Were Planning To Watch MLB Network On YouTube TV, Tough Luck

It’s a tale as old as streaming. Fans get used to watching on one platform, then have to jump to another, then have to jump to another. It’s that time again for baseball fans. According to The Verge, a dispute between both parties has caused YouTube TV to drop MLB Network, and the platform was only able to inform customers of the change with less than a day’s notice.

MLB Network’s official statement blamed YouTube TV, claiming “with Spring Training about to start, we regret that YouTube TV has been unwilling to negotiate a fair carriage agreement. MLB Network has offered terms consistent with what close to 300 other U.S. providers have agreed to for distribution.” YouTube TV hasn’t issued a statement, but if they did, it would be easy to guess where they’d place the blame. It’s also not the first time YTTV has dumped fan favorites with almost no notice.

So what are fans to do? Stew in frustration and impotent rage. This is the hallmark of the streaming era, where we have all the downsides of old school cable TV with the fun new downsides of losing access to the stuff we actually want at the drop of a hat. Games will still be on ESPN, Fox, and TBS, but MLB Network-specific shows are gone if you were relying on YouTube TV as your source. Instead, fans who have already cut the cord will have to consider uncutting it. They can search for MLB Network and decide whether to add to what they’re already paying, swap out, or miss out.

(via The Verge)