Aaron Rodgers And Shailene Woodley Have Reportedly Called It Quits, And Boy, Do People Have Jokes

The strange coupling/engagement of Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley has come to an end. Surprising? Ehhh. The two seemed tailor-made for each other for a good bit, including how Shailene responded to Aaron’s anti-vaxxing tales to the NFL with a remark about his allegedly above-average anatomy. Yet Aaron kept the conspiracy-theory crusade going while listening to Joe Rogan for medical advice. Things got messy.

Maybe too much of a mess for the self-admitted clay-eating Shailene? No one knows what happened for sure, but TMZ is reporting that the relationship is over and that the split happened because Rodgers had a case of “cold feet” and chose to focus upon his football career as the #1 priority, all while Woodley reportedly “felt ‘neglected.'” The outlet notes that this has gone down after months of speculation over a breakup, long after they began seeing each other following his split from Danica Patrick. The Shailene-Aaron relationship sure burned bright and fast, given that they swiftly moved in together and publicly declared their engagement in February 2021.

Whatever the case, Love Is Dead (again), and people have plenty of comebacks to the situation. “Sending deep love to Shailene Woodley today,” wrote one helpful Twitter user. “May the pail you take to get drinking water from a forest stream feel a little lighter today.” Another user quipped, “‘Your ideas are just too extreme and weird for me,’ Shailene Woodley says while eating a giant handful of clay.”

From there, there are lots of clay jokes, a theory that that Covid shot may have come between them a joke about him wanting to devote more time to Joe Rogan, and a hefty dose of “I’m done horsing around.”

Whew. Between the Kanye/Julia Fox seeming split and this latest blow, it’s not a good week for love, Valentine’s Day or not.

(Via TMZ)