Alex Jones Claims That He, Too, Has Been Invited To Cocaine-Fueled DC Orgies, But Not The Kind With Kids

While Republicans across the country are scrambling to viciously refute Madison Cawthorn’s claims that wild, cocaine-fueled orgies are all part of the GOP playbook, Alex Jones is talking about how they are indeed a real thing. And that, hell, even he’s been invited to them.

While Cawthorn has since admitted that the stories he told on the Warrior Poet podcast about “key bumps” of cocaine and regular invites to “sexual get-togethers” were lies, the shouty InfoWars host is blowing up the North Carolina congressman’s spot. On Wednesday, in addition to noting that Cawthorn “had a super-hot wife” (who may or may not be a Russian spy), Jones encouraged his listeners to believe everything that Cawthorn originally said:

“This is ridiculous. I’ve been invited to these things. I haven’t gone to them, ‘cause I don’t want to be, you know, whatever, blackmailed… I’m not into that. I’m happy. But I’ve been invited not just to those—I’ve been invited to the really weird stuff. Not with kids or anything, but with the whole occultic stuff. So, I can tell you folks: The Eyes Wide Shut things go on as well.”

Even more terrifying than the “not with kids or anything” line? Roger Stone lording over Jones like an Orwellian nightmare.

Alex Jones and Roger Stone on 'InfoWars'

The duo, of course, didn’t let the conversation end there. They then went on to talk about House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who has perhaps been the most vocal Republican to take Cawthorn to task for his comments. Though they took their conversation in another direction…

(Via Ron Filipkowski)