Wanda Sykes Peaced Out On ‘The View’ Upon Learning An Ex-Trump Aide Would Be A Guest Co-Host

It’s been almost a year, but The View still hasn’t found their next Meaghan McCain. It’s not without lack of trying. They’ve been so desperate that they’ve even brought on ex-Trump staffers, albeit ones who’ve publicly condemned him. One downside to that, though, is that that’s enraged potential guests.

One of them was Wanda Sykes. According to The Daily Beast, the comic, performer, and co-host on maybe the most shocking Oscars telecast in history was scheduled to appear on the show on Friday. Then she caught wind that the guest host that day would be Alyssa Farah, who served various roles in the Trump administration, including the White House director of strategic communications. So Sykes peaced out.

“She didn’t want to be part of helping a Trumper launder her reputation,” a View insider told a Beast reporter.

Farah — who condemned the Jan. 6 riot and blamed it on her former boss — has been on The View multiple times, and has annoyed the show’s more liberal-leaning regulars when she’s let loose some of her more conservative beliefs. Ditto Stephanie Grisham, Trump’s quietest and most apologetic White House press secretary. Farah has been seen as the frontrunner to replace McCain, but if Sykes is bailing because she’s on it, that means others will, too.

(Via The Daily Beast)