‘The View’ Is Having A Field Day With ‘Shrimp, Wimp, Coward’ Josh Hawley Running Out Of The Capitol Building

The View had a blast on Friday morning as the co-hosts brutally mocked the embarrassing Josh Hawley video from the latest January 6 hearing. In the now-viral clip, the Missouri senator can be seen booking it out of the main Capitol building shortly after riling up the MAGA crowd with a fist pump.

“I didn’t run that fast from my first marriage!” Joy Behar said after making sure to play a clip of former D.C. police officer Michael Fanone saying, “Josh Hawley is a bitch.”

When it came time for co-host Ana Navarro to offer her thoughts, she put the screws to Hawley for everything from his fist bump to his attempts to sell merchandise of the hypocritical moment.

“What an invertebrate that man is,” Navarro said. “We all saw him, remember, when he has his fist up. I think at that point he must’ve thought he was hailing a cab. And then we see him running like the shrimp, wimp, coward, accomplice, hypocrite he is.”

Via The Wrap:

Navarro then criticized Hawley for attempting to capitalize on his latest infamy by promoting his merchandise — including a mug with the image of him raising his fist from that morning.

“And then after he’s running like Forrest Gump — run Joshua, run! Run! — after we see him running, then he’s got the gall to go out and sell merchandise and fundraise over the fist bump! Chica, please!” Navarro said.

While the video of Hawley continues to haunt him with no signs of slowing down, nothing can beat its initial reveal during Thursday night’s hearing. Despite the serious nature of the proceedings, the audience burst out laughing when Hawley was shown fleeing the Capitol building after brazenly doing a fist pump upon his arrival. There was clearly a stark difference between the two moments, and one could argue that Hawley’s hasty exit suggests he knew what was in store for the day.

(Via The Wrap)