Bill Hader And Ali Wong Have Finally Been Caught Canoodling In Public Like Giddy Teens On Their First Date

Even though Barry is about to take his final bow, Bill Hader is still continuing his reign as a goofy comic who manages to date way out of his league with female models and comedians. Much like his protege Pete Davidson. This week, Hader stepped out with rumored girlfriend Ali Wong, seemingly confirming their on-again status after a brief (alleged) breakup.

Hader is notoriously a private person, even though people love to talk about his genitals, but he recently mentioned an unnamed girlfriend who encouraged him to go on vacation. Then, like a beacon of hope, Wong and Hader were seen out and about on a hike that likely mimicked the same first date you had with your high school boyfriend. Page Six has the photos, and look at those smiles! The hand-holding! The Jersey City Recreation tee! You could tell they really like each other by the way Wong is looking at him, even though grey sweatpant season is over. That’s how you know it’s real.

The two comedians were linked together back in 2022 after Wong had split from her husband of eight years. The two drifted apart, only to return back and better than ever on their nature hike, which was on Wong’s birthday.

Wong’s latest series, Beef, recently hit Netflix to rave reviews, while the final season of Barry premiered last week. The timing just seemed to work out for the two. Hey, at least he’s not dating his “crush”/cousin Carol Burnett. That would be a whole different ordeal.

(Via Page Six)