Bill Hader Confessed To Having Had A ‘Huge’ Crush On A Legendary Actress Before He Found Out That They’re Cousins

Before Barry star Bill Hader was rocking Rachel Bilson’s world (and presumably that of Ali Wong), he apparently nursed a crush on a comedy legend back in the day. And after he — on camera — willingly confessed to having had a crush on this actress, he found out (from her) that they’re actually distant cousins.

That’s quite a set up. And yes, this discussion refers to Better Call Saul mover and shaker Carol Burnett. As Hader discussed last week with Jimmy Kimmel (as seen in the first few minutes above), the former SNL cast member was delighted to receive an out-of-the-blue email from Burnett, who informed them of their familial ties. They’ve had ongoing communication, and he hoped that “I can, like, have dinner with her” before sharing that he exclaimed (to his daughters), “We’re all related to Ms. Hannigan.”

At that point, however, Kimmel chose to whip out an old clip from Hader’s interview for 2015’s The Carol Burnett Show: The Lost Episodes. As People further pointed out, Hader confessed to once having a “huge” and “giant” crush on Burnett. Hader, of course, took the resurfaced clip well while joking, “Hey, you can take the boy out of Oklahoma. You know what I’m saying? That’s the way it works. I knew there was something about her.”

Hader does, in fact, hail from Tulsa, Oklahoma. In 2019, he was spotted grabbing Starbucks with Rachel Bilson while visiting for the holidays (and maybe dreaming about Carol Burnett).

(Via People)