Even Fox’s Hosts Are Begging Trump To Cool It With The ‘Stolen Election’ Stuff

As Donald Trump maintains his threat to run for president again in 2024, he has yet to back down from his false claim that Joe Biden stole the 2020 election. It was the impetus for his meltdown in the middle of an otherwise friendly interview with Piers Morgan, and it’s a ledge that Trump is refusing to back away from even as conservative voices plead with him to knock it off.

One such voice is Fox Business host Stuart Varney, who conducted a phone interview with Trump on Tuesday morning where he tried to convince the former president that voters are tired of hearing his Big Lie. To the surprise of no one, Trump refused to listen to reason. Instead, he argued that everyone should really “study” the 2020 election and make sure it doesn’t “happen again.” Via Mediaite:

VARNEY: I’m getting the sense that the voters just don’t want to go back to a chaotic situation or a toxic situation or a really — you know, a negative situation. They want to be positive. They want to look forward to the future and be positive.

TRUMP: Well, I understand that, Stuart. So, somebody robs the jewelry store of all the jewelry, you should just let them be alone, right? Just say, OK, he got away with it. You know, I just — I disagree with that. And a lot of people in the party disagree with that, Stuart.

Varney’s attempt to talk Trump out of pushing his Big Lie arrived on the same morning that Kellyanne Conway stopped by The View and point-blank said that Joe Biden won the election. However, while she still wishes Trump won, she understands that he’s been pumped up by advisors who lied to him that he’d win in a “landslide” and never prepared him for the possibility that he could lose. Clearly, they pumped Trump up a little too much because it’s over a year later, and he’s still refusing to let the whole thing go despite mountains of evidence and legal rulings proving that Biden won.

(Via Mediaite)