Even Russian State TV Hosts Think Donald Trump Is A Fascist, And Carefully Laid Out All The Reasons Why

Last Thursday, The New York Times published an op-ed by Dr. Timothy Snyder, a Yale University history professor and author of several books on fascism and European history. In the piece, simply titled “We Should Say It. Russia Is Fascist,” Snyder claimed that the fascism sentiment in Russia right now is as high as it was during World War II. As such, according to Snyder, “If Ukraine does not win [the Russia Ukraine War], we can expect decades of darkness.”

As The Daily Beast reports, this article has gained a lot of traction in Russian state media circles where an enraged Kremlin has gone so far to dispute the claims that they’ve actually turned on one of their most beloved heroes: former president Donald Trump.

On Friday night, Kremlin TV host Vladimir Solovyov addressed America at large with one big “Listen, you bastards,” then proceeded to explain the many ways in which Trump is a fascist: “Strong leader, with large crowds coming out in his support… Discussions of former greatness. Donald Trump promised to make America great again… Donald Trump’s red hats.”

As Julia Davis wrote for The Daily Beast:

Russian propagandists seemed all too comfortable labeling their favorite American president as a fascist, despite the fact that they’re counting on Republicans—led by Trump—to gain ground in the U.S. midterm elections and follow an agenda favored by the Kremlin. Meanwhile, Biden’s falling popularity ratings have been discussed by state media with gusto on an almost daily basis. The Biden administration’s backing of Ukraine, including the brutal wave of sanctions against Russia over the invasion, has not sat well with Moscow.

“Author, professor of Yale University Snyder, is trying to convince the readers that we are waging a fascist war,” Solovyov fumed, referring to the historian as a “pseudo-professor of a pseudo-university. “[They say that] we call Ukrainians Nazis because they refuse to recognize themselves as Russians and dare to resist. Snyder knows nothing and understands nothing. He is simply a liar.”

Trump may currently be persona non grata on Russian state TV, but at least they’ve still got golden boy Tucker Carlson.

(Via The Daily Beast)