Of Course Kyle Rittenhouse’s First Post-Acquittal Interview Will Be With Tucker Carlson

On Friday, Illinois teenager Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted for shooting three protesters in Kenosha, Wisconsin, killing two. Had the jury found him guilty, he would have likely spent most of his life in jail. But they didn’t, and now he has his choice of internships with multiple far right politicians. Throughout the year-plus ordeal, Rittenhouse has mostly kept quiet, save for a crying jag many found unconvincing. But he’s already scored his first post-acquittal interview, and it’s a predictable choice.

As per Deadline, no less than Tucker Carlson will have Rittenhouse on his show Thursday. The interview will manspread over multiple shows: A portion of it will air on Tucker Carlson Tonight at 8pm, and the rest will be part of a larger documentary project Tucker has been conducting throughout the legal process, airing in December on Tucker Carlson Originals on the Fox Nation app.

Since that fateful night in Kenosha, when he crossed state lines with an illegally acquired AR-15, Rittenhouse has been hailed on the right as a folk hero. The trial began quietly, but it soon turned into a clownshow, thanks in part to an unhinged judge with a Trumpy ringtone. Tucker, who has done things like downplay the Jan. 6 Capitol siege and told his viewers to harass people wearing masks, will no doubt go easy on him.

(Via Deadline)