Rootin’ Tootin’ Lauren Boebert’s Mean Tweet About Student Loans Sparked Some Swift Comeuppance

There’s something to be said for how Lauren Boebert’s never afraid to make proclamations based upon subjects that she doesn’t understand at all. That something might not be good, but it is remarkable, and one need only witness her confused Russia-Ukraine tweet to realize that she doesn’t know much about international relations. The same goes for the stock market and beer vs. a founding father and voting-rights tweet and even a Bible verse, but Boebert will not be deterred.

Her latest gem of a mean tweet (one that’s not nearly as fun as the Jimmy Kimmel variety) involves her outrage over possible student loan forgiveness, which is being mulled over by the Biden administration. The president’s being grilled by both major political parties in Congress, and as one would expect, Boebert’s coming down on the far-right side of things. That’s the case even though she illegally used campaign funds to pay her personal bills, not nonetheless, she’s disgusted with the idea of relief.

“To everyone who demands student loan forgiveness,” Boebert tweeted. “What makes you think universities will be the ones to pay off the debt? Taxpayers are going to foot that bill — YOU’RE going to foot that bill.”

This didn’t go over well at all, and people piled onto her, starting with Boebert’s GED status and how she never went to college, so she probably shouldn’t carry much weight on this subject.

Boebert also couldn’t possibly understand the predatory tactics of some lenders.

Also, no one will forget how Boebert gave herself a free ride and also draws a government salary from taxpayer dollars.

The midterm elections take place on November 8 this year, and let’s just say that Colorado will be worth watching.