Jimmy Kimmel Reads Mean Tweets And Messages He Received After His Message To Trump Supporters

Jimmy Kimmel delivered a message to Donald Trump and his supporters on his show Tuesday in response to the president’s wild press conference, taking it to Facebook and receiving some wild comments in return. Folks were not happy and Kimmel obviously noticed, but instead of just responding online, the host decided to continue addressing them during the open to his show on Wednesday. If anything, it gives the national audience a look at where some Americans stand when you criticize the president.

If you’ve ever spent time reading the replies to Donald Trump on Twitter, YouTube comments, the more right leaning portions of Reddit, or any random Facebook page from one of your family members, you know exactly what to expect from these comments. They include referring to Kimmel as a whining baby, a snowflake, and told him to find another country if he didn’t like President Trump. One Facebook comment even went so far as to call the host Stupid Kimmel, miming the president’s penchant for nicknames, and then proceeding to say that Kimmel is the real racist in this situation. It’s always fun to be called a racist while calling out others for their racist beliefs. If everybody is racist, then racism isn’t an issue, right? Think about it.

It might not have the same stiff effectiveness of calling someone stupid repeatedly, but giving them some television spotlight does rank somewhere near the top.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)