Sad Loser Madison Cawthorn’s ‘The Best Is Yet To Come’ Tweet Isn’t Exactly Going Over As Planned

Madison Cawthorn’s apparently doing the Guilfoyle Challenge on Twitter. That’s a reference to how Don Jr’s then-girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle, stood up at the 2020 RNC and screech-shouted, “The Best. Is Yet. To Come!!!!!” As we all (I hope) know by now, Trump lost the reelection, so “the best” never happened. And the incendiary representative from North Carolina will soon leave the congressional building after losing his own reelection bid, which caused him to initially lash out with a “sore loser” mentality.

Now, however, he’d like everyone to know that he’s doing great, and the 26-year-old MAGA enthusiast tweeted, “The best is yet to come.”

Madison is not doing superbly, obviously, and other members of the far-right must be nervous to see such a blow to the ultra-MAGA crowd at a relatively early primary. Lauren Boebert’s conspicuously ignoring how she’s potentially on the chopping block, too, and it will be a real test to see if Marjorie Taylor Greene and her love of conspiracy theories will pass muster with Georgia voters. When it comes to Madison, a certain faction of the GOP apparently saw fit to campaign him out representing their party after a series of embarrassing articulations of Cawthorn’s far-right views. And then there was that naked humping video and the cousin-crotch grope, and well, his fate seemed to be sealed.

The 2022 primaries have, to paraphrase Cawthorn here, only just begun. Yet when Madison claimed that “the best” is yet to be seen from him, people naturally wondered whether this means that they should brace themselves for another video.

The “Take The L” and cousin jokes began to pour in, too.

In closing, here’s a touching poem.