Watch Mike Lindell Huffily Storm Out Of An Interview After Being Asked About Wacky QAnon Cultists

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is more than happy to spread lies about voter fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election, but the one conspiracy theory group he does not want to be associated with seems to be QAnon.

Lindell, who spent Thanksgiving hosting a bizarre stream-a-thon in which he auctioned off excerpts from his new book in exchange for donations to his current legal fund, is on the road again to talk about the big lie. Despite Donald Trump himself basically admitting election fraud believers are “stupid,” Lindell and Trump ally Michael Flynn seem to be touring together to push the same misinformation (that Trump won the presidential election) that sparked the Jan. 6th insurrection. But the pair’s latest on-camera interview with a British documentary crew abruptly ended when Lindell was asked about the global conspiracy movement known as QAnon.

You can watch the entire clip below, and we’ll recap below.

A Channel 4 interviewer sat down with Flynn and Lindell, quizzing them both on QAnon’s ties to the larger election fraud conspiracy they’ve been pushing. Flynn, for his part, tried to play dumb, asking the interviewer, “What is it?” when the subject of QAnon was first brought up. But Lindell grew irrationally irate when pressed on the cult and how its founding philosophy might be tied to Lindell’s attempts to reverse the 2020 Presidential Election.

“It doesn’t matter who stands behind us or doesn’t stand,” Lindell shouted when asked in QAnon believers also subscribed to his election fraud theories. “The evidence, the truth shall set you free. I think the interview is over. Waste of my time!”

The interviewer tried to calm the situation, asking Lindell, “But why does it need to be offensive?”

“Because that’s what you all are!” Lindell answered, ripping off his microphone and storming off. “That’s such a joke what you did. Shame on you.”

(Via RawStory)