Today Is The Friday The 13th Mike Lindell Insisted Trump Would Be Reinstated As President, And People Can’t Stop Making Jokes About It

Our thoughts are with pillow czar and cyber symposium promoter Mike Lindell today.

That’s because, despite months of confidently hyping up his followers for the reinstatement of Donald Trump as president, an event he predicted would happen on August 13th, his dream of usurping our democratic process and putting an ousted president back in the White House has officially died. (Ok, maybe not died because these people don’t know when to quit, but his prophetic street cred has taken a real blow.)

Just last month, Lindell told The Daily Beast that he hoped to have sufficient evidence of voter fraud to bring to the U.S. Supreme Court by the end of July. He theorized that, when that happened, the Republican party would have Trump back in office by the end of August. He later specified that date, telling the conservative Worldview Weekend Broadcast Network that August 13th would be the chosen day when the world would finally rise up and demand that their overlord be placed back in power.

Well, that day has come and Trump seems firmly rooted in his retirement status on a golf club down in Florida. As for Lindell, he just hosted a convention to share his mountains of proof of election fraud — evidence that ended up being bogus. He’s having a rough time of it, for sure, but that doesn’t mean we can’t cackle at his misfortune, especially when Twitter just makes it so easy:

Perhaps Lindell can join some kind of “failed doomsday prediction” support group. Maybe one of those Zorp followers from Parks and Rec can hook him up.